7 Advantages of Filing Your Taxes Online

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If you’ve never filed your taxes online before, you might be wondering why you should—we’re here to tell you exactly why. Filing taxes online offers benefits like being easier, faster, and a lot more…

#1 You’ll Save a Ton of Time

Everything about filing your taxes online is faster than doing it the traditional way. You won’t have to deal with hard copy and drown in paperwork ever again—the software handles everything for you, and once you’re done preparing your taxes, it’s just a matter electronically sending them to the IRS. Still want to go to the post office and mail hard copies for some reason? You can do that too—all tax software gives you the option of printing out your forms, pre-filled and ready to be signed.

#2 User Friendly Tax Software Makes it Easy

Preparing your taxes is much faster with the help of easy and accurate software—have you ever spent hours digging through tons of instructions? Never again, as any decent tax software will tell you exactly what you need to do.

#3 You’re Less Likely to Make Mistakes

When you prepare your taxes by hand, it’s very easy to make mistakes. You’ve probably got into the habit of filling out each line in pencil first, and then going over it in pen—and that takes forever, doesn’t it? If you use tax software to file your taxes online, you’ll be far less likely to mistakes—for one, the math will always be correct, and if you make any more specific mistakes, the tax software will let you know.

#4 You’ll Get Your Tax Return Faster

If you file your taxes online, you don’t have to make a trip to the post office—the IRS will get your forms instantly. This means they’ll process your taxes much, much faster. If you’re going to get a return on your taxes this year, why wait a moment longer than you have to?

#5 You Can Get Your Tax Return Directly Deposited to Your Bank Account

In addition to getting your return faster, did you know that if you file online you can request a direct deposit to your bank account? That means you don’t have to wait for a check in the mail—they’ll just deposit your return instantly to your account.

#6 Filing Taxes Online is Safe and Secure

When you submit your taxes online, every bit of your financial detail will be encrypted. Only you and the IRS will see your information—in fact, it’s actually safer than mailing hard copies of your taxes.

#7 It’s a LOT Cheaper than Hiring a CPA or Tax Preparer

Filing your taxes online is almost always substantially cheaper than hiring a certified public accountant or a tax preparer—usually by at least a couple hundred dollars. Why hire an expensive CPA when you can file your taxes online by yourself with the help of easy software?

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