File Taxes For Free Online

The last time you did your taxes, did you feel like you were drowning in paperwork? Your desk was probably covered with forms and instructions for “easy” reference, and maybe you even had a few stacked on your chair, your coffee table, your floor…

It’s no secret that taxes—even for individuals or small businesses—are wildly complex, including for professional accountants! If you’re tired of wading through mountains of paperwork and enduring hours of frustration, you should consider filing your taxes online. We promise that there will be no more hard copy, no more filling everything out in pencil first, no more digging around for arcanely labeled instruction forms.

Instead, you’ll be able to complete and file your taxes all from one location: wherever your computer is (if you’ve never filed your taxes from a laptop while reclining on the couch, it’s a bizarrely relaxing experience).

It really is that easy.

Filing your taxes online is generally done with the assistance of software, either installed on your computer or, conveniently, securely on your web browser. These user-friendly applications remove the guesswork from getting your taxes done—in fact, many of them operate on a simple question-and-answer style system. Sit down, answer a series of questions, and bam! Your taxes are ready to be filed.

An additional benefit is the considerable amount of time and money you’ll save by using one of these services. If you usually do your taxes by yourself, the main benefit will be time, definitely—but if you usually hire a tax preparer or a certified public accountant to do your taxes for you, you know how expensive it can get. Filing your taxes online can be done for free or signficantly cheaper without sacrificing any of the quality or accuracy you benefit from when hiring a professional.

Please feel free to explore EasierTaxes for more information on how to get started, and what services we recommend you use. Once you file your taxes online, you’ll never want to do it the old way again.