H&R Block TaxCut Online Review


Most of us are familiar with H&R Block—after all, they’re one of the largest tax preparation companies in the U.S., responsible for nearly 25 million tax returns worldwide. One of their local branches is likely available in your city, but instead of going through the hassle to physically visit, did you know that H&R Block also provides online tax filing services?

This service, called TaxCut Online, has a pretty great price tag for filing federal taxes online: free. They do, however, charge a nominal fee of $29.95 to file your state taxes—a practice many online tax preparation software will do. Still, compared to $300 or more for the assistance of a tax preparer or CPA in person, there’s no denying what a great deal that is.

If you need to file a basic return as an individual or a small business, TaxCut online “makes the cut.” The online software can be securely accessed right within your web browser and is incredibly easy to use. H&R block will guide you through every step of the way, helping you to avoid frustration and the need to “dig” for the answers to complicated tax questions.

However, if you need to file a more complex tax return—for example, a return which includes self employment taxes or the sale of a house—TaxCut online might be a little too simple for your needs. The product seems to be aimed at customers who want to file a basic tax return, and it does that job very well, but more complicated tasks can be problematic.

The final verdict? If you don’t need to file a complicated tax return (that is to say, you don’t own a small business, you haven’t sold a house in the past fiscal year, and you don’t have any income from mutual funds or other investments), TaxCut is absolutely fantastic and you will have an excellent, headache-free experience if you use it.

If your tax return will require a little more attention to detail, we suggest you read our review of TurboTax Online.

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H&R Block TaxCut Online Review