TaxAct Online Review

TaxAct Online review

Do you hate doing taxes?

It’s all right. You can admit it. You aren’t alone.

That’s why the developers behind TaxAct Online created what is arguably the easiest way to file taxes online. The TaxAct Online service is designed to be simple, easy to use, and fast. If you need to file a basic tax return and time is running short, don’t wait until you miss the filing deadline and end up owing more! Use TaxAct Online.

TaxAct Online focuses exclusively on simplicity and efficiency; it is not, therefore, ideal for someone with complex or heavily detailed tax preparing requirements (such as small business owners or individuals who receive income from investments). For these uses we suggest you read our TurboTax Online review. If these stipulations don’t apply to you, TaxAct Online just might be the best, easiest answer to your tax filing woes.

Preparing a basic return with TaxAct Online couldn’t be more user friendly: you can usually input your wages, any interest you may have earned, and other pertinent financial data within 30 minutes. Compared to 4 hours of slogging through endless stacks of hard-copy paperwork on your own, that’s a substantial amount of time saved. Once you finish inputting all of your data, your tax return will be ready for e-filing.

Many users report having the entire tax preparation process done within one hour. One hour! That’s crazy—but it’s true.

TaxAct Online is also one of the cheapest online tax filing services, charging users a mere $13.95 for basic tax returns, both federal and state. If you already have your state taxes wrapped up, there’s even more good news: filing your federal taxes with TaxAct Online is free. This free service gives TaxAct Online a big step up compared to a lot of the other services we discuss on EasierTaxes, especially if you only need to file a basic return.

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