Turbotax Online Review

TurboTax Online review

Are you sick of paying a tax preparer or certified public accountant $300 or more to do your taxes for you every year? If you usually need to file a complex or greatly detailed tax return—for example, if you own a business, buy and sell real estate, or have an income from investments—this is probably a yearly or quarterly expense you’ve resigned yourself to paying.

Not only will filing taxes online with TurboTax substantially reduce your costs, you can prepare your own taxes easily and accurately. Unless you have very specific or complex tax needs, which the vast majority of readers most likely do not, you’ll wonder why you ever hired a tax preparer or a CPA in the first place, and you’ll save a ton of money every year.

If you’re involved in a corporation, LLC, or a general business partnership, doing your taxes (and doing them properly) can be a bit of a headache with many different variables to account for. TurboTax Online takes all of the guesswork out of this process, presenting users with a simply-but-thorough interface with an automated help system that—get this—is actually helpful. Other software developers should take a cue from TurboTax!

TurboTax Online is designed to be as automated as users want it to be. That is to say, the components of your tax return which you would like to be automated can be, but you also have access to change and tweak every area of your tax return which you prefer to fine tune manually. Many other online tax filing software platforms don’t have this degree of flexibility; either the software does too much for you or not enough. TurboTax Online is the perfect balance of user-friendliness and meticulous user-management, if desired.

Having said that, there are easier and slightly cheaper options for readers who only need to file a basic tax return. If you think that describes your situation, we suggest reading our review of H&R Block’s TaxCut Online.

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